OSU wins inaugural 2017 Buckeye-Bearcat Challenge cup

On September 30th, the Buckeyes hosted University of Cincinnati for the inaugural Bearcat-Buckeye Challenge Cup. Novices raced a 2850m head race upstream, while varsity raced a 5700m stake race downstream to a turning buoy and then back upstream. UC won all Frosh/Novice races; however, OSU decisively won all Varsity Eights races. Bearcat-Buckeye Challenge Cup goes to Ohio State. Results below:
Men’s Frosh 8+ Flight 1:
1st: UC—11:15
2nd: OSU 1—11:20
3rd: OSU 2—11:25
Women’s Novice 4+
1st: UC—NTT
2nd: OSU—NTT
Men’s Frosh 8+ Flight 2:
1st: UC 2—NTT
2nd: OSU 3—NTT
3rd: UC Women—NTT
Women’s Varsity 8+
1st: OSU—24:14.70
2nd: UC—24:34.26
Men’s Varsity 8+
1st: OSU 1—21:12.34
2nd: UC—22:06.36
3rd: OSU 2—23:12.34
Ohio State 53
Cincinnati: 46