Buckeyes win GOLD in 7 of 10 Open Events at Midwest Championship Erg Sprints

The 2018 Midwest Championship Erg Sprints saw athletes from Miami, Denison, University of Cincinnati, as well as unaffiliated entries competing in a 2000m erg race. The Buckeyes dominated the morning, taking home a total of 7 Gold, 5 Silver, and 6 Bronze medals from the open events. Most Buckeyes saw personal best times and there were also some new additions to the Ohio State erg leaderboard. Full results are available here.

Medal winners for Ohio State:

Women’s Open Ltwt Novice
Hannah Stubbs – GOLD 8:33.1

Women’s Open Novice
Sierra Dalton – SILVER 8:24.6
Bree Cohen – BRONZE 8:26.4

Women’s Open Ltwt
Rachel Bushman – GOLD 7:43.5
Kayla Doerzbacher – SILVER 8:22.6

Women’s Open
Kristina Hallof – GOLD 7:23.2
Randi Goney – BRONZE 7:32.0

Men’s Open Ltwt Novice
Nick Brinkel – GOLD 6:51.5
Jack Rochester – SILVER 7:10.7

Men’s Open Novice
Brian Mingus – GOLD 6:34.1
Luke Cabrera – BRONZE 6:45.0

Men’s Open Ltwt
Johan McGwire – BRONZE 6:49.9

Men’s Open
Mark Fisher – GOLD 6:11.7
Andrew Noonan – BRONZE 6:17.7

Men’s Open Coxswains (1000m)
Ethan Laver – SILVER 3:45.5

Women’s Open Coxswains (1000m)
Melissa Bettinger – GOLD 3:56.1
Amanda Kenepp – SILVER 4:03.4
Erin Smith – BRONZE 4:06.8