Charging into the apex: ACRA

Our Buckeye rowers have been diligently putting their final touches to their racing off the back of a successful Dad Vail 2019. To view the full results of Dad Vail, follow this link:

Not many people act ‘gung-ho’ about staying on campus after classes end. An even smaller population are ambivalent to practice schedules ramping up to twice a day. The Buckeyes have embraced the latter of the season with courage and dedication. A new level of trust and camaraderie within the squad has been nurtured through our blood, sweat and tears. At the apex of our season, OSU Crew athletes are focused and ready to move some boats.

The team travels to ACRA Championship regatta on Thursday May 23. Racing will begin on Friday and carry through the weekend. Be sure to view our Flickr gallery of practice photos leading to ACRA ( and cheer on our Buckeyes at the final race of their 2019 spring season!