Want to join for Spring 2021? Here’s how!

Ways to join

  • Text Head Coach Alex Spaulding: (859) 816-0084
    An easy way to get started with the team and have your questions answered one-on-one is to text Alex at 859-816-0084.
  • Fill out the Recruitment Form
    Once you submit the form, a coach will contact you regarding the next steps.
  • Get in contact with Team Captains
    Once you fill out the recruitment form, feel free to get in contact with any of the team captains! They would love to help you in finding opportunities to get the know the members of the team.
  • Come to a practice and ride in a launch!
    Once our coach gets in touch with you, see about coming to a practice to see the team in action! If we’re on the water, you can watch a practice from the Coach’s launch and have a personal experience to see if OSU Crew is right for you.