Here is a list of some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions about the team, please contact us at recruitment@osucrew.org


Is the team open to anyone?

Any full-time undergraduate student of the Ohio State University who is pursuing their first bachelors degree may tryout. Please contact a coach with any questions about the tryout process.


Is this a varsity sport?

OSU Crew is the only opportunity for men’s rowing on campus. Although technically we are a club sport, Men’s Rowing is not an NCAA sanctioned sport, so the sport is contested at the club level as the highest level of the sport at most colleges (The Ivy League being the main exception). We consider ourselves to be student athletes, and our program is structured in the same manner as a varsity program.

On the other hand, women’s rowing is an NCAA sanctioned sport and so the women of OSU have two options for rowing at Ohio State. Both programs strive for excellence – the NCAA team has secured 5 consecutive Big 10 championships while OSU Crew has also been successful earning 3 national medals the past year alone.  Women are encouraged to check out both their options to row at Ohio State. More information about NCAA rowing can be found here .


Do you race other schools?

Yes! We get approximately 17 days of racing in throughout the year. We take on other club programs as well as varsity teams, facing off against schools such as Michigan State, Purdue, Grand Valley State University, Columbia Ltwt Men, Canisius College, TTUN, and more!


What is the time commitment?

We practice daily, M-Sat throughout the year for about an hour and a half a day. We train from August through May, accommodations are made for housing in late Spring. With over 50% of the team in STEM majors, we are focused on school first and always manage to succeed in class and on the water!


How many times do you practice a day?

We generally practice once per day. Attendance is mandatory at all practices. Novices practice in the afternoon and varsity have a mixture of morning and afternoon practices.


Will I have to miss class?

As student-athletes, classes are always the priority. Practice will never interfere with classes, though we ask that 5:15-8pm be blocked off in your schedule for practice. We have 2-3 travel days per year when class is missed for racing. These days are excused by the University as sanctioned club events, and all work can be made up upon providing professors with an official issued excuse notice.


But what if I don’t know how to row?

Every year we take walk-ons with no prior rowing experience. Walk-ons are key to building fast boats, and our coaches will get you race ready in just a few short weeks! No rowing experience is required, just the willingness to learn a new sport and the competitive drive to win races and beat Michigan!


I missed the tryout period. Am I too late to walk-on?

Contact recruitment@osucrew.org. We will be accepting late walk-ons throughout the year.


Are there membership dues?

As a student organization, the team receives minimal funding from the university. As a result, athletes are charged membership dues.  Dues cover all costs of the team including travel, lodging, equipment, and coaching. We maintain several fundraisers to try to keep member dues as low as possible. We firmly believe money should not be the reason you choose not to row. Members are encouraged to talk to the officers if money is an issue but they still want to row.