Blade Ceremony 2012

May 29, 2012 in Men, Novice, Publicity, Varsity, Women

Thanks to all for your support this season!  We couldn’t function without the hard work and dedication of our Parents’ Club, the organizational and monetary assistance of our alumni, and the wisdom and perspective of our beloved advisor, Lynne Olson.  On behalf of OSU Crew, you are invited to celebrate the team’s achievements and accomplishments at the annual Blade Ceremony with us.  Please join us on Saturday, June 2, 2012, as we recognize seniors and their families, present awards, and reflect on the 2011-2012 season.  Light refreshments will be served.

ACRA 2012 National Championship Results

May 29, 2012 in Men, Novice, Regatta, Varsity, Women

Congratulations to the Women’s V4 for their 3rd place finish! Excellent job, ladies. Commendations also belong to the Men’s V4 for finishing 1st in the last race of their collegiate rowing career (in the B final), to the Men’s Novice 8 for improving their final time by almost 24 seconds from their first heat, and to the Women’s x1 for her 5th place finish.

For a full listing of results, please click here.

Congratulations to all our graduating seniors – from left, Julie Stehli, Katie Kalbacher, Jacob Selby, Adam Reckless, Erik Meister, Colin Richards, Josh Taub, and Tim VInopal (not pictured). Best of luck in your future endeavors!

We would be remiss not to give a special thank you to our coaches. Without your leadership, dedication, and hard work, the club would cease to function. Thank you Coach Sal, Coach Walz, Coach Reynolds, and Assistant Coach Brian!

Special thanks also goes to the Parent’s Club – thank you for trekking out to every regatta to cheer us on, take pictures, and feed us! Without your hard work and support we would all be very cranky, discouraged, and hungry. We appreciate you!

(And all these pictures are by Beth Meister, who is not in any of them because she was behind the lens. Thanks, Beth!)

Well done everyone. Thanks for a great season!

Dad Vail Race Results

May 15, 2012 in Men, Novice, Regatta, Varsity, Women

Special congratulations to the Men’s Varsity 4 for making it to the Grand Finals of Dad Vail this past Saturday! They edged out University of Michigan in the semi-finals by less than .5 seconds, only about .4 seconds behind Penn State, who took first in the heat. Our V4 – Seniors Adam Reckless, Erik Meister, Colin Richards, Josh Taub, and coxswain Julie Stehli – came in 4th place in the Grand Finals, with a time of 6:57.488.

Also congratulations to the Women’s Varsity 4, Women’s x1,  and the Men’s Novice 8 for their semi-final appearances! As a team, we had more crew members racing on Saturday (in semi-finals and finals) than last year. Well done, everyone.

Other boats entered include a V8 and a pair for the men, and a Novice 8 for the women. For a complete listing of results, please click here.

From left to right, our seniors in the V4: coxswain Julie Stehli, Josh Taub in bow, Colin Richards, Erik Meister, and Adam Reckless as stroke. Photo courtesy of Beth Meister.

MACRA Championship Results

May 2, 2012 in Men, Novice, Regatta, Varsity, Women

Congratulations to the Men’s Varsity Pair, the Women’s V4, and the Women’s x1 for their 3rd and 1st place finishes at the MACRA Championships this past weekend!

For a complete listing of results (including heat times and competitor’s times), click here.
Final round times for each boat:

Men’s V8 – 6:12.45
Men’s 2V8 – 5:47.70
Men’s V4 – 6:44.32
Men’s 2V4 – 7:18.89
Men’s Novice 8 – 6:30.92
Men’s Novice 4 – 6:46.88
Men’s 2N4 – 6:43.49
Men’s x2 – 8:30.92
Women’s V8 – 7:35.08
Women’s V4 – 7:48.69
Women’s Novice 8 – 7:27.04
Women’s Novice 4 – 8:43.61
Women’s x1 – 8:44.96