The Ohio State Crew has a few locations and faculties at our disposal. These Facilities have helped us train and grow as a team.  We currently have three locations at our disposal, two water sites and a land practice area which also houses our boats when not in use.


When we first begin training our athletes, or when the weather is not conducive to practicing out on the water we hold practice at the Boat House.

Located at the end of the main hallway of the ground level, of the Drake Performance and Event Center.

 1849 Cannon Dr, Columbus, OH 43210

The Boat House houses our on land practicing equipment, and our boats during the offseason.



When the weather is conducive to water practice and after our new recruits have had some training we have two location to get out on the water.

O’Shaughnessy Reservoir

4000 Harriott Dr, Powell, OH 43065 

Down Town Columbus