Here is a list of some of our most frequently asked questions, this is just a small list so if you have questions feel free to email us at Recruitment@osucrew.org

2. Do we get to race *ichigan?

Yes! Our men’s team squares up with the team up north at our duel meet and at several regattas throughout the year.


3. What is the time commitment?

We practice daily, M-Sat throughout the year for about an hour and a half a day. We train from August through May, accommodations are made for housing in late Spring. With over 50% of the team in STEM majors, we are focused on school first and always manage to succeed in class and on the water!


4. How many times do you practice a day?

We practice once per day, novices in the PM and varsity a mixture of PM and AM practices. Over our spring break, training trip at Lake Lure (Dirty Dancing film site) and in our post-finals may training however, we take it up a notch and train twice daily getting in meters and preparing for racing.


5. Will we miss class?

Class is always the priority as student-athletes. Practice will never interfere with classes, though we ask that 5:15-8pm be blocked off to allow for travel as well as practice shifts. We have 2-3 travel days per year when class is missed. These days are excused by the University as sanctioned club events, and all work can be made up upon providing professors with our issued excuse notices.


6. But I don’t know how to row.

Every year we take walk-ons with no prior rowing experience. Walk-ons are key to building fast boats, and our coaches will get you race ready in just a few short weeks! No rowing experience is required, just the willingness to learn a new sport and the competitive drive to win races and beat Michigan!


7. I missed the tryout period. Am I too late to walk-on?

Contact recruitment@osucrew.org. We will be accepting late walk-ons throughout the year.