The Ohio State Crew has a few locations and facilties that are used for training:



This is our on-campus home. The Drake Performance and Event Center is located at  1849 Cannon Dr, Columbus, OH 43210. The boathouse is on the ground level. Enter the building through the right-side door and walk back to the end of the hallway into the door labeled ‘Boats and Marina’. The Drake houses our on land practicing equipment and our boats during the offseason.



Our main water practice site is along the Scioto Mile. It starts at the Broad St. bridge and goes south to the Greenlawn dam. We have approximately 3000m of rowable water downtown. The boatyard is located at 336 W Rich St, Columbus, OH 43215



Located in Powell, OH, this is our backup water practice site in case of high current conditions downtown. It is located at 4000 Harriott Dr, Powell, OH 43065