Physical fitness, competition, and teamwork are vital to the overall health of the individual.  The Ohio State Crew Club was formed to teach and practice the fundamentals of rowing, sportsmanship, competition and good health. These goals are pursued through disciplined instructional programs combining basic and advanced rowing techniques with high-level physical fitness training as well as participation in national caliber rowing competitions.

The Ohio State Crew Club wishes to provide access to the sport of rowing to all interested members of The Ohio State University.  The club seeks to become not only the best collegiate club rowing program but to also compete with and consistently perform at a level comparable to fully funded competition. The club provides a positive atmosphere for collegiate athletes to compete and form a sense of team, as well as to promote the idea of fair competition and sportsmanship.  Additionally, the club seeks to cultivate rowing throughout Ohio and the United States.

Through rowing, The Ohio State Crew Club strives to teach discipline, leadership, commitment, and ultimately enrich the lives of the club members.  Above all, the idea of the team will always be placed before the individual.

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