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Fall 2019

October 5th: vs. Marietta College, Marietta, OH (Men Only)

October 17-20th: Head of the Charles, Boston, MA

October 27th: Speakmon Regatta, Columbus, OH (Frosh Only)

November 2nd: Bald Eagle Invitational Regatta, Indianapolis, IN

November 16th: WolverBuck Oar, [CANCELLED 2019] Ann Arbor, MI (Men Only)

Spring 2020

February 22nd: Midwest Championship Erg Sprint, Columbus, OH

March 7th-13th: Spring Training Camp, Lake Lure, NC

March 13th: vs. Columbia Ltwt Men & Bryn Mawr College, Lake Lure, NC

April 4th – 5th: Lubber’s Cup, Spring Lake, MI

April 18th – 19th: SIRA Regatta, Oak Ridge, TN

May 8th-9th: Dad Vail Regatta, Philadelphia, PA

May 22nd-24th: ACRA National Championships, Gainesville, GA